Merchant Banking

In its role as principal, EIG may provide investment capital or may work with strategic partners to develop and execute a business plan.

An example of our principal activity is Dreams Served Daily, LLC. The company, which operated under the trade name American Idol Bar Stage & Grill, developed an innovative dining and entertainment concept inspired by the #1 hit show American Idol. In it’s role as principal, EIG developed the concept, negotiated with Fremantle North America to license the rights to American Idol, seeded the company with development capital, hired operating staff, and oversaw operations and expansion activities.

The company’s dining and entertainment venues sought to extend the fan experience by providing an opportunity to experience the American Idol journey of discovery live and in-person. The company’s venues were designed to offer its patrons high-quality contemporary American cuisine, cocktails, and merchandising while immersing them in live and recorded entertainment. The design of the venues also featured state-of the-art lighting, sound and recording equipment to simulate the experience of sitting in the audience of an American Idol studio recording. The company's venues were developed to provide a unique opportunity for musicians to pursue their dreams “onstage” and for patrons to witness their journey.