Asset Management

Many fund and asset managers promise outsized returns based on expertise in exploiting market inefficiencies. While we agree with the principal, we believe that the real opportunity lies not in the general market, but rather in having the experience to identify and exploit specific niches.

We understand that institutional investors, including defined benefit and defined contribution plans, investment authorities, endowments and foundations, must balance the need for current returns with the appropriate risk profile to ensure capital protection and long-term asset appreciation to meet future obligations.

We therefore seek to generate the highest possible returns for investors at the appropriate level of risk. Superior investment returns in and of themselves are not our primary objective, but rather superior performance with less-than-proportionate risk. Our bespoke investment vehicles are designed to protect our investors’ capital and provide current and total returns that enable them to meet their on-going and long-term obligations.

Our relationships and standing in the media and entertainment industry enables us to source proprietary equity and debt investment opportunities with attractive risk-reward profiles. Because of our knowledge and experience we are able to conduct thorough due diligence on all the assets and companies in which we invest. Once invested, EIG remains active in the monitoring and management of the investment, enabling us to increase stakeholder value.

In the event a more hands-on management of the portfolio company is required, our partners have the experience, capabilities and strategic relationships to provide interim management services to protect our investment and our investors’ capital.

We believe strong communication creates trust and confidence, enabling success for our client companies, our portfolio companies, our investors and ourselves.

We pride ourselves on building close relationships with our stakeholders. We rely on the strength of our relationships to understand our stakeholders’ objectives and to help them achieve their objectives.